Davis Auditorium “Saved”

The Davis Auditorium closed in 2005 after water eroded the sandstone foundation causing the 14,400 square foot structure to settle 3 inches. Towers 4-foot x 4-foot were installed to protect the building from shifting while the 120-foot-long East side foundation was replaced with concrete 32” deep and 8” wide.
A fundraising committee was organized in 2011. After untiring efforts of many. The goal was to raise money by dinner theatres, auctions, writing and receiving grants; obtaining donations of money, time, tools, equipment. The structure was completed as required by the building code and engineers.


The towers were replaced with 8” x  8” steel columns, 2 sheer walls were built, 2 ramps to the outside and one to the stage were completed, the outside doors and flaps were rebuilt, caulking between boards and  around windows was done, chains to hang flaps and different door hinges were replaced, refinished the stage wall and flooring, rebuilt to rooms off the stage, refinished 155 pews, a podium was built from the wood of damaged pews, replaced fire extinguishers, re-surfaced the blacktop floor of the Davis and the area around the building, purchased new fans, flags, and alter cushions.


A work week was planned and organized by Shirley Wasem for May 14th – May 19th 2018.  There were 45 – 50 workers daily from the Camp Ground and surrounding areas. They scraped, sealed windows, replaced rotten boards, rebuilt doors & flaps, and completed a multitude of tasks.


Sherwin Williams Company donated 150 gallons of paint and 35 people came on May 24, 2018 to paint the building with 2 coats. The company also gave the project a discount on the 140 gallons of paint & stain used on the inside. The Preservation Committee sends another heartfelt thanks for all they have done to expedite the opening of the Davis.


Fairfield County Foundation also has been a great help by sharing a $20,000 dollar grant toward the cost of the columns, and $40,000 grant of the blacktop floor. The stage drapes were all dry rotted & came down in pieces. A grant was written to South Central Electric and they totally paid to replace them with a $10,000 grant. The Davis would not be open today without the generous donations.


The beautiful 1895 historic gem, only one other like it in the USA, is now open and ready to share with the Community.


Worship services are held each Sunday June through Labor Day weekend at 10:30 am. Each Sunday different pastors and musicians will share God’s word the public is invited to share in these services.


The Davis is also available to rent for concerts, recitals, plays, weddings, memorial services, graduations, and large meetings (1,500 capacity limit). It is not heated or air-conditioned, but a breeze always keeps it comfortable. Late April thru early October would be the best months to rent for your event. Contact the Lancaster Camp Ground Office for inquiry. Office hours: Monday – Friday 9am to 5pm call (740) 653-2119 or E-mail lcg4office@gmail.com


The Preservation Committee would like to thank everyone who helped by sharing their time, talents, tools, food, and equipment. (A total of 5,972 hours of volunteer time). Most of all the support, encouragement, and prayers.