COTTAGES FOR SALE – Lancaster Camp Ground Please contact the owner/agent listed below directly for more


All interested parties must attend an orientation meeting and qualify to purchase and/or live on the grounds.

It is strongly suggested that the application/Qualification process be completed prior to finalizing any purchase or rental agreements with cottage owners.

Apply at 2151 W. Fair Ave, Lancaster, OH  (Phone No.: 740-653-2119)

Warren MacKenzie  – Owner  740-785-4161    154 8th St.  $39,900.00
Two bedroom cottage.  Newly remodeled kitchen. New windows.  Beautiful wood walls and floors.


Ben Newsome – Owner 1-813-895-1652   Cottage 281 14th Street 15,000 (CASH, FIRM).
Winterized, selling AS IS.


Any Questions Regarding the Qualification Process Please Call the Office at 740-653-2119.

Lancaster Camp Ground